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Alimak Group acquires Avanti Wind Systems

Avanti Wind Systems A/S (“Avanti”) is the market leader in vertical access solutions for wind turbine towers with a strong global footprint. The acquisition broadens and diversifies Alimak Group´s product portfolio and offers an expansion into a growing area of renewable energy. Avanti offers vertical access solutions to the wind industry that are permanently installed, have a long lifecycle and are based on high safety requirements. Avanti was established in 1885 and has more than 30,000 service lifts installed globally. Avanti operates globally with six production facilities in Denmark, Spain, China, US and Brazil.

Alimak Group acquires Facade Access Group

Alimak Group, the vertical access solution company, acquires the leading global BMU (Building Maintenance Unit) provider Facade Access Group. Facade Access Group has a global market leading position in permanent Building Maintenance Units, BMU solutions, based on high safety standards and with a long lifecycle. The company addresses the market via two brands; CoxGomyl and Manntech. Through this acquisition Alimak Group strengthens and broadens the product portfolio, expands the existing footprint and business into a global adjacent niche market within vertical access while benefitting from a healthy underlying growth in the BMU-market.

Urðarhvarf, Kópavogur, Iceland


Alimak rack & pinion elevators for power plant FGD systems

AEP Mountaineer Station New Haven

Alimak Hek helps with restoration of ancient art treasure in Florence

Baptistery of San Giovanni

14 Alimak hoists at work on Manhattan high-rise construction

3 World Trade Center

Alimak Tower Crane Lift provides reliable access during construction of major commercial tower in France

ZAC du Pont d`Issy

Alimak construction hoists are used during Suzhou Centre Project in China

Suzhou Centre Project

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