Alimak Hek launching a new hoist in the UK market


Following a successful launch in Scandinavia Alimak Hek in the UK is ready to introduce its new construction hoist model ALIMAK SCANDO 65/32.

Alimak Hek launching a new hoist in the UK market

“Alimak Hek strengthens our position by introducing a new basic model to extend our current product portfolio”, Rolf J. Persson, MD of Alimak Hek in Skellefteå, says. “Unlike our other hoist models which are based on a flexible modular system, this new model comes in one size and a certain fixed set of features. This means that both existing and new customers can benefit from a hoist with recognized Alimak Hek quality at a competitive price”.

“We are convinced the Alimak Scando 65/32 will be a great success in the European market and in particularly in the UK, especially for those customers who demand a more functional operation without the need for special solutions, which applies to large portions of the rental market and construction industry.”

The first hoist will be launched in February 2015 and available for orders in the UK market immediately. Launches of the new hoist will also take place in other European markets following a successful launch in Scandinavia.